What is Reseller Hosting?

What is Reseller Hosting?

Web hosting business can be sub-divided into various categories depending upon the type of server-shared, dedicated, virtual and reseller web hosting. Web hosting is much more than building your website and getting it online. Web hosting offers tons of features that can enrich site owner and user experience. In dedicated web hosting, the server has only one website with a unique IP address.

This website is quite powerful and fast, but is also quite expensive. Shared and VPS packages offer specific bandwidth, disk space and RAM with some additional features. In these types of hosting, several users share one physical server. Let’s have a close look at various aspects of reseller hosting and what’s there in it. In reseller hosting, an individual or company buys hosting plans in bulk from a web hosting company that owns data centers. In this arrangement, it is the responsibility of the company to maintain and manage their servers in the data centers.

The bulk plan purchased by the reseller is then subdivided into smaller attractive packages and resold at competitive rates to the users. In this arrangement, users get the same level of service and support as they’d get from the parent web hosting provider. Types of web hosting companies offering reseller hosting packages: * The first category includes companies that own big data centers with large number of web servers. These companies are fully equipped with handle these servers.

Therefore, by offering reseller packages, these companies are focusing on division on labor, which allows them more time to handle various technical issues and enhance user experience. * The second category of companies are the ones that offer reseller hosting packages by leasing or collocating their own dedicated web servers in secure data centers. It is their own responsibility to maintain these servers. The best thing about reseller hosting is that everybody benefits from it.

The hosting package seller makes profit by selling the large hosting packages to resellers and divides the workload by hiving off the marketing part. The hosting reseller gets access to valuable server resources in a cost effective way. The user benefits by getting high quality customer and technical support, which is mostly better than the one offered by the web hosting company. As a reseller, user can easily configure their account, set limits, prices and thresholds. Users will also be able to setup new user accounts, suspend existing accounts, or upgrade them. They can also set up DNS for their end users.

Reseller hosting is best option than renting a VPS or dedicated server to start your own host because you save lots of money and headache. If you rent dedicated servers, you will have to pay for script installers, cPanel, web page builder and much more. This may add up quickly and your monthly cost may shoot up. When searching for a company offering you a reseller account, you should only consider reputable companies that have been offering these packages since years, and have a long list of satisfied customers. It is very important that chosen company provides 24/7 support so that they can assist you in emergency. Good company must also offer 99.99 percent network uptime, and cost effective packages.